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In the year of the hundredth anniversary of Restoration of Polish Independence, Polish Radio Szczecin joins to the official celebrations of the national holiday. A unique and memorable concert will be held on that occasion on February 5th 2018.

A two-part jazz concert “Radio Szczecin for Independent Poland” will be held in S-1 Concert Studio of the Polish Radio Szczecin. The first part of the event will be based on jazz arrangements of the greatest works of Polish composers, such as Ignacy Jan Paderewski, Fryderyk Chopin or Krzysztof Komeda. They will be performed by acclaimed musicians: Dorota Miśkiewicz, Sylwester Ostrowski Quintet and, at the special invitation of Polish Radio Szczecin, Darius Brubeck: son of Dave Brubeck, a worldwide acclaimed composer and jazz pianist. Darius Brubeck’s appearance in the concert has also additional and symbolic meaning: it is the sixtieth anniversary of historical Dave Brubeck’s concert in Szczecin this year. In the winter of 1958, Dave’s band which was at the top of the tree, had been invited by US Department of State for a tour throughout Europe. Acclaimed as world’s best pianist, Dave Brubeck had begun the tour exactly in Szczecin. Also his eleven-year-old son Darius had played during this historical concert.

The second part of the event will be the concert of Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra, led by the most outstanding jazz musician of his generation, one of the best classical trumpet soloists worldwide and the great composer Wynton Marsalis. Together with JLCO, they will perform “Swing in the thing” program. That is not all, however: referring to the leading theme which is the hundredth anniversary of Restoration of Polish Independence, Wynton Marsalis, Sylwester Ostrowski and Darius Brubeck will together perform one of the most popular Dave Brubeck’s songs, “Take Five”.

The event in S-1 Concert Studio will be held for no more than a hundred person audience. The audio stream will be broadcasted live by Polish Radio Szczecin and the video stream will be available worldwide via the Internet, in HD quality.

Honorary patronage over the event was assumed by the President of the Republic of Poland.